Colorado’s continued movement towards “developing it’s natural gas reserves” has committed itself to many years of hydraulic fracturing. In 2010, the state legislature passed the Clean Air, Clean Jobs Act, which essentially required that public utilities changed some units to natural gas. Even more, it required that the gas be produced in Colorado. On the surface, it sounds great. But if you look dig deeper, you’ll find that the mandate is bad, and it basically forces hydraulic fracturing in the state.

What’s is hydraulic fracturing and what is so bad about it? First things first; fracking is bad for the environment, and it is bad for the children. Fracking, short for hydraulic fracturing is the process of extracting natural gas and oil from underground by injecting the ground with fluids, shot at high pressure. Fracking fluid, the fluid that is used to inject into the ground, contains chemical additives that are meant to stop the growth of microorganisms. So basically, chemicals are being shot deep into the ground. The process is meant to create fractures in the subterranean levels so that crude oil and gas can flow into a well and then get extracted.

the dangers of fracking

This damaging process is in no way good for the planet and irreversible.  Not only is the process damaging to the earth, but it is also harmful to our healthy and our safety. It puts the chances of a sustainable future for our children at risk. Fracking can have a damaging effect on drinking water sources. The risks of contaminated water sources are even higher for water sources near fracking sites. Then there is also the problem of the large volume of toxic waste water that is created through the process; that toxic waste water has to run off somewhere.

Not only is the fracking capable of affecting drink water sources, it can also potentially induce earthquakes under the right circumstances. The harmful effects aren’t just all underground. The process of hydraulic fracturing also causes health threatening air pollution. Fracking releases pollutants into the air by as much as 450,000 tons per year. Air pollutants released by fracking has been linked to serious health effects like cancer and others.

Fracking doesn’t just cause pollution to the environment, it also destroys hundreds of thousands of acres of land. The infrastructure needed for hydraulic fracturing requires a significant amount of space. To make the necessary space for the infrastructure, much land and it’s natural resources are destroyed to make room.

No amount of regulations for the process of fracking is going to eliminate or reduce the risks this process possess to our well-being. The only way to eliminate the risks and the damages created by fracking, the only solution is to ban fracking itself. We, as mothers must stand united and help spread the word. We must stand up and fight for the future of our children.

The Threats of Continued Hydraulic Fracturing in Colorado

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