Welcome to The Mothers for Sustainability & Sustainable Energy Project

This project was created to help spread the growing concern of mothers everywhere; Mothers who are worried about how environmental population and waste is currently affecting our children, and how they will affect our children’s future.

The children do not posses the ability to voice and fight for their right to a clean, and non-toxic environment. They are too young and innocent to understand that their futures are in danger. Instead, they look upon us adults, us Moms, with their trusting eyes, and just believe that everything is going to be alright–because we are here.

a baby looking at you with his trusting eyes, believing you will do what will be best for him
Their eyes tell you that they trust you, they trust you to do what’s best for their futures–because you are an adult, and you will be an adult.

What these innocent children do not know is reality. In their eyes, us adults know better. The truth is, not all adults know better. The even sadder reality is, some adults know better, but choose to make the wrong decisions–all for their own selfish reasons. The adults betray and exploit these children’s innocence. They continue to destroy and pollute the very world that these children has trusted them to take care of.

We, mothers, can no longer stand by and just look upon those naive, trusting eyes without doing anything. We need to stand up, stand together and become the voices of these children that cannot be hard. We need to become to fighters that these children cannot stand up to become–yet. We need to protect the environment they will need to grow up strong, and healthy. We need to protect these children and live up to the trust they’ve put in us.

So we call upon you; join us to become and alliance of adults that can live up to their beliefs–no matter how naive. Join together and fight to protect the environment these children live in, the environment we live in, and help make the world a safer, more sustainable place.


Sustainable Options

Being aware of, and choosing sustainable options are important to fulfilling our mission. Making sure sustainability is always a priority in everything we do on a regular basis will help us slowly, but surely move towards a better future for the children. Mothers for Sustainability will not only pledge to prioritize sustainability in our everyday lives, we will also help spread the information to others we come into contact with every day. We will help them understand how critical it is to take our environment, and our planet into consideration-for the benefit of our children and their futures.

In an effort to promote sustainability and sustainable energy, we are committed to promoted sustainable energy as well.


Environmental Threats

Promoting sustainability is important, but it won’t be enough by itself. We believe that many of us don’t know what we are doing to our planet. We don’t understand how the choices we make are making a negative impact on the well being of our children and their future; because we are not making choices that will make the world a better and healthier place for them.

With that thought in mind, we do our best to take a close look at environmental threats and what we can do to help manage and eliminate them. We will also take a close look at how they impact our children and how they will affect the world our children will grow up in. You might ask, “what kind of threats could I possibly be exposed to? What dangers could there be for my children and loved ones? You might assume there are no threats because you don’t see black smoke when you look out the window. You might assume you are safe because you don’t live near any places that produce chemicals, or other potential toxic products.

You will be surprised to find out that these threats are closer to home than you think. Travel out a bit from your home. Go into the country side. See all those green fields? Every wonder how they stay almost unnaturally green and healthy? That’s because they’re kept that way with unnatural means–pesticides. You don’t even have to go the short distance from home. Just doing something as simple as killing the common house pests with that spray will add to the environmental damage. will do our best to find, and spread critical information that will hopefully, lead to more awareness; and ultimately, lead to positive action.